I am impatient.  I don’t like sorting through unlimited options to make a decision, I hate waiting, and I get very fidgety and restless when I feel like I’m not spending my time wisely.  Impatience, as you might imagine, is not an ideal quality to have when planning a wedding, and I learned that lesson early in the process.

My best friend and Maid of Honor Casey, who is also planning her wedding (for which I am the Maid of Honor), is exactly the opposite.  She loves nothing more than spending hours researching vendors on the internet, speaking to countless people on the phone, and visiting venues and craft stores everyday.  Not only does she love all that stuff, but she’s also great at it, which made me think that I had some sort of missing bride gene.  Even though I’m just as excited to get married as she is, thinking about all of those phone calls and emails and errands makes me want to take a big nap.

Apparently, I am not alone in this opinion, and that’s why wedding coordinators exist.  Depending on the coordinator and the contract, these professionals will literally lay out thoughtfully chosen and perfectly tailored options for catering, flowers, dresses, music, etc. and the only thing required from the bride and groom is a “Yes” or “No.”  While wedding coordinators are super helpful in all stages of the planning process, a lot of couples nowadays are opting to hire only Day-of Coordinators, who make sure everything runs smoothly on the actual wedding day.

I knew from the start that I definitely wanted a Day-of Coordinator because I didn’t want my mom or MOH running around during the event trying solve problems and put out fires.  As the reality of planning a wedding settled in, however, it became readily apparently that a DOC was not going to cut it for me.  Casey is busy planning her own wedding, my mom lives out of state, and I’m too busy with work and school to spend any significant amount of time or effort conducting the appropriate research.

Enter Melissa.  Melissa is a tiny, trendy woman from Clementine Custom Events, a boutique event planning company, and she was recommended to us by Lara, the Chicago Cultural Center Events Coordinator.  Not only is she outgoing, stylish, and one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met in my life, but she also genuinely loves her job, has several years of experience in Chicago wedding catering, and totally gets Sol and me.  Since Melissa came into the picture, all of the major vendors (except floral) have been hired, contracts have been negotiated and filed, and deposits have been paid–all of this requiring nothing more from me than a few emails.

Some people in my life were pretty skeptical about me hiring a wedding coordinator, but I think they would all now wholeheartedly agree that Melissa was the best choice I’ve made so far (and did you see our reception venue?  That’s saying something!).  Not only is Melissa a crucial help in creating our dream wedding, but she’ll ensure that my friends and family and I have a stress-free experience on the big day.  That kind of guarantee is a bargain at any price!


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