Musically inclined

Some girls care about the dress above all else.  Others focus on finding the most elegant and luscious flowers around.  Still others search for the most exotic and extravagant caterers they can find.  Not me—this girl wants the best, most fun, most outta control, can’t-sit-down-for-a-minute-because-my-feet-won’t-stop-dancing music around.  In my world, this means a live band.

I’ve been to weddings with awesome DJs.  There are some professionals that really tune into the vibe of a wedding and can read the dance floor like a book.  I’ve also been to weddings with awful DJs, and they are quite painful to both watch and listen to.  The difference between a good and bad DJ is huge and has an equally huge impact on the wedding.  In my opinion, however, a wedding band is a different animal. 

A live band, even a so-so one, has a much different energy than a DJ.  While it’s easy to ignore a DJ for at least a little while, a wedding band quickly becomes the center of attention and draws people to the dance floor.  Live bands are spontaneous, acutely cognizant of how people are reacting to the music, and in general, the mark of a true celebration.  What you lose in song variety and selection, you gain back tenfold in ambiance. 

Sol and I are very musical people, and while we initally toyed with the idea of hiring a DJ, we ultimately decided to upgrade to a live band because we want our wedding to be the best, craziest time anyone has ever had on the second weekend of January.  To make this happen, we not only decided to hire a live band, we hired a live karaoke band. 

We’re karaoke junkies.  We can’t help it.  Everyone knows this about us.  It would not feel right for us to have a party without it.  Even though we know that not everyone will be into it (although we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from guests) and we’re certainly not having open karaoke during the entire reception, this particular feature of our wedding is unique and special to us.  And it’ll make for an amazing video. 

Next up:  finding this all-important live karaoke band.


2 thoughts on “Musically inclined

  1. LOVE the idea of a live kaorake band. I’ve been torn on the idea of wedding music like forever and it’s so great to see what kinds of ideas creative people have for this aspect. Not that I’m getting married anytime soon, mind you, but it’s ideas like these that I store away in my cache of wants/do not wants. It seems like an affordable and fun alternative to your general ho hum choices, I may steal it. I hope it turns out to be a blast!

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