Color my wedding

I had a great deal of trouble picking a color scheme for the wedding.  I’m not exceptionally good at pairing up colors or envisioning how a palette is reproduced in a live wedding.  When Sol and I decided to get married in January, I had vague visions of sparkly everything, gold and silver décor abounding, and of course, karaoke.  (Karaoke doesn’t have anything to do with the color scheme, I just knew from the start that I wanted karaoke.)

Several very crafty and design-minded people in my life advised me that mixed metallics do not a color palette make, and I needed at least one solid statement color to anchor the whole scheme.  I looked at navy blues, deep purples, black, teals, and charcoal grays, but nothing caught my eye.

Nothing caught my eye because I kept conjuring up imaginary weddings in which the black bridesmaid dresses matched the black chair ties, the purple flowers matched the purple napkins, and the teal program covers matched the teal ribbons on the bouquets.  There’s nothing wrong with any of that stuff, and there’s certainly something to be said for color continuity, but every wedding I’ve ever been to has had the matchy-matchy thing, and it is just not my style.

I did a little research and found that contrary to my advisors’ closely held beliefs*, mixed metallics can and do make a lovely color palette for weddings.  Just look at these inspiration pictures!

In the end, I decided on ivory and champagne with accents of gold and silver.  I believe this palette captures the season without being too obvious, and sets the mood for a dramatic, glamorous, slightly gaudy, but definitely celebratory affair.  That’s just Sol and me all over!

*My advisors are completely on board with my palette now. 


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