More mixed metallic inspiration

I’m in love with all the mixed metallic inspiration palettes that are out there right now, and I can only hope that our wedding will be half as beautiful!  Check out some of these amazing ideas from the world wide wedding web.

From “The Sweetest Occasion”

This combination of gold, silver, bronze, and pewter is so dramatic, and the use of lotus pods and fuchsia accents is truly inspired!

From “Libby James Blog”

Vintage glamour?  Why, those are two of my absolute favorite things!  The metallics in this palette aren’t quite as in-your-face dramatic, but they certainly combine to make an amazing impact.  If I were having a spring or summer wedding, I would probably copy this entire wedding Single White Female-style.

From “Bridefinds”

I’m loving the bold, mismatched metallic bridesmaid dresses.  I’ve never been a fan of the cloned dresses, and this seems to be a great way to let every bridesmaid’s style shine.

If only I could incorporate every idea into my one wedding!


One thought on “More mixed metallic inspiration

  1. I love your idea for the bridesmaid dresses!! I’m in my friend’s wedding and we just picked out the bridesmaid dresses last weekend. We all tried on the dresses together, and she had us just choose one that we all like. But, the girls in her wedding all have such different bodies and personalities that I think maybe it would have been better to have let us each select the dress we felt most comfortable in from a few that she liked. I think it’s great that you’re letting your bridesmaids let their personality show a little, too!

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