Does it seem to you that every wedding video looks like this one?

Wedding videography was not originally in our budget.  Besides the fact that neither Sol nor I care to stare at ourselves in print or on video, we also had (and still have, to some extent) a prevailing belief that most wedding videos end up looking pretty cheesy.  Quick cuts, overplayed music, and silly PowerPoint-like transitions?  No, thanks.  We’ll save our hundreds/thousands of dollars for booze and cake.

But, as we started getting our guest list together, it became clear that we were going to have to provide the guests who weren’t able to make it to the wedding or didn’t make the list with more than pictures.  Weddings are huge, important events in Sol’s family, and we certainly didn’t want to make anyone on his side feel left out or slighted in any way.  We decided that the best, most economical way to include these guests is to provide them with a wedding video.

I did quite a bit of internet research before contacting the vendor that eventually became our videographer.  Like most wedding services, the price range for wedding videography varies wildly from $500 to well past $5,000.  The quality of videography correlates fairly predictably with the price:  most of the lower priced videos look like home movies or the one I posted above and the pricier videos look like Spielberg films.  Finding a videography company that is reasonably priced and spares the cheese factor was no simple task.

We found what we were looking for in Lexoria Wedding Films.  We met with Jason from Lexoria via FaceTime, and Sol and I both found him to be laidback, flexible, and fun.  He cut us a great deal on all-day videography, and he threw in a bunch of extra copies of our wedding videos with regional coding for India, Canada, and all the other exotic places we’ll be sending DVDs to.  I particularly like the fact that Lexoria includes a ten minute highlight reel with the wedding video so that we don’t have to force our friends and family to sit through the entire ceremony and reception when we’re feeling nostalgic.

Honestly, if we didn’t need to send videos to guests in faraway lands, I probably would have skipped the videographer.  That said, I’m happy with our decision, pleased with the price, and looking forward to seeing/hearing our karaoke jams on film!


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