Eat your heart out Part 2

Picking up from where I left off:  we had our first food tasting with Jewell Events, and we were very pleased (minus the whole busted car window/petty theft thing)!  The presentation was lovely, the table setting was beautiful, and the quality of the food was excellent.  The only thing that was missing for me was the Indian food.  I really wanted to respect the fact that a large percentage of our guests prefer Indian food to other types of cuisine, and Jewell just did not seem to deliver in that department.  I was extra excited to see what Entertaining Company had to offer because they specialize in Indian catering and fusion foods.


At this point, we were pros at the tasting games.  My dad developed a sophisticated rating system for each item, and I utilized a “Fantasy Food” draft scheme to make sure everyone got to pick their favorite items.  Without giving away everything that we chose, here are a few of our top picks:


  • Chimichurri-marinated paneer bruschetta with micro garden salad of arugula, scallions, and yogurt cucumber raita
  • Beef short rib potsticker with horseradish cheddar ponzu sauce
  • Marscapone and mushroom stuffed chicken breasts with a leek chardonnay sauce, creamy sage-infused polenta, haricot vertes, and a dehydrated tomato chip garnish
  • Masala lollipop truffles (cinnamon, curry, and hazelnut)
  • Miniature gyros served on garlic naan with tzatziki, onion, and tomato


The Indian food was excellent and exactly what I was envisioning for our menu.  All the appetizers were served on different vintage-y gold and glass chargers, and my mom noted that she liked the one-bite pieces that were easy to handle and eat.  We weren’t shy about voicing our opinions on the food:  cut the spice on this, add a little something to that, prepare this in a slightly different way, etc.


Molly, the Entertaining Company coordinator, was a complete doll and took down all of our suggestions and opinions so that they could be incorporated into the revised proposal.  We weren’t 100% thrilled with the dessert choices, but that was completely our fault—we unwittingly chose all chocolate desserts to sample, and it was a little overwhelming at the tasting.  Melissa and Molly suggested that we come back for a second dessert tasting, and we were quick to accept the offer to eat more free food.


Both tasting experiences were excellent and the pricing was similar for each, but we ultimately went with Entertaining Company.  I can’t wait to hear all of the rave reviews from our guests, and I feel like we accomplished a large part of our wedding vision with this decision!


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