Let us eat cake

After working up an appetite for wonderfully decadent wedding cakes by spending ninety-six hours on Pinterest, Sol and I were finally ready for our tasting.  I did quite a bit of research on Yelp, and I was fairly confident in my decision to contact Creative Cakes in Tinley Park.  By “fairly confident,” I of course mean that this was the only bakery that I even considered contacting and I had zero plans to talk to anyone else.  Have I mentioned that I can’t deal with a lot of options?  Well, I can’t.


We originally planned to only invite Casey, my Maid of Honor, but we were fortunate that my brother (A.K.A. the Best Man), and my other lovely bridesmaid Katie J. were available to join us, as well.  Casey and Katie (two of the infamous S- sisters) have amazing eyes for design and all things wedding, and my brother, J.D., is exceptionally good at eating cake.


Before we even met with the designer (baker? chef? I don’t know.), we were given an iPad with a ton of pictures of past cakes and told to add the ones we liked to an online photo library.  Katie, Casey, and I eagerly went through all the pictures while Sol and J.D. laughed their faces off about something completely unrelated.  Who even knows.  When we regrouped, we were each served a plate with 2-inch cubes of different cakes and several dollops of different-flavored mousses.  We debated the merits of each, asked for samples of other mousses, and came to a consensus.


We settled on a chiffon cake (basically a white/yellow cake mixture with a hint of citrus) with raspberry and lemon mousses.  Now, I realize that this is a non-traditional wedding cake combination, and it may even be a little inappropriate for a winter event (I detected some hesitation from my mother when I told her what we chose, although she’s too much of a sweetheart to ever deride our selection).  However, Sol and I are not really chocolate people, and we don’t really give a damn about appropriateness—we are much more interested in deliciousness.  Plus, we are going to have a total of seven desserts in addition to the wedding cake, so if people don’t like it, they have a lot of other options.


Also somewhat unconventionally, we decided not to get a cake big enough to serve every single guest.  Wedding cakes are expensive, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice design for quantity.  Seriously, we have a lot of desserts, and we know that not everyone is going to eat the cake.  If we decide down the road that we want to add a plain sheet cake with our selected flavor combination, we can do that, but I doubt we will.


The designer talked to us about the inspiration pictures we brought in, chatted with us for a bit, and went in the back to create a sketch.  She came back with exactly what we wanted:  a four-tier ivory cake with gold and silver henna print all over it and small metallic and champagne-colored pearls.  It’s got the mixed metals, the subtle 3D effects, the hints of Indian design—the cake is literally everything we hoped for!  The designer is also excited about what we came up with:  right away, she asked for permission to publish photographs of our creation on their website.


I just can’t even express how excited I am about the food and desserts we chose for our wedding.  We definitely stumbled upon some amazing vendors, and even though we haven’t actually had our wedding yet, I will recommend Entertaining Company and Creative Cakes to everyone I know.  I can’t wait to get feedback from guests about how much they loved everything!


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