Life is sweet

Even though Sol and I don’t normally clamor for chocolate or sweets, we were still pretty excited about getting an awesome-tasting, gorgeous-looking cake.  While a lot of catering companies offer or insist that couples use the company baker, Entertaining Company has been extremely flexible, and they agreed to cut and serve a cake that we bring in for free.  (Did you know that many catering companies charge for cake cutting?  Ridiculous!)  This opened up a world of possibilities for us, so I immediately turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

Gold sequin cake

I love the gold sequins on this cake—they strike the right balance between glamorous and gaudiness!  I would ditch the flowers for spun sugar snowflakes since we’re getting married in the winter, though.

Ombre cake

Ombre is the “it” trend of the moment, and I just love it in buttercream!  I could definitely get on board with an ombre buttercream fade from rich gold to a light, champagne-ivory.

Henna print cake

The henna print on this cake is unbelievably cool, and so appropriate for our event.  The draped cloth-like fondant is a little much for me (Plus we hate fondant.  Yuck.).

Metallic pearls cake

These edible pearls are too cute, and they remind me of champagne bubbles!  I also appreciate the subtle mixing of metallics.

What did we end up with?  Check out the next post to read all about it.


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