A lovely [ivory] dress

I made the extremely unpopular decision not to reveal my wedding dress until the big day.  This wasn’t something I initially planned to do:  I went shopping by myself just to try on a few styles and figure out what I like and don’t like without competing opinions from friends and family.  I ended up finding a truly amazing dress online in a style that I knew looked good on me and was created by a well-known and respected designer, so I bought it!  I decided to keep it a secret because I want it to be special and dramatic when I get dressed on January 12th.

I will, however, reveal some of the dresses that I didn’t buy!  Here are some of the dresses that I love (even though they didn’t make the cut):

Unknown designer and style

Unknown designer and style

“Tilly” by Stephanie Allin

Custom design

“Bernadette” by Maggie Sottero

“Natalia” by WToo


One thought on “A lovely [ivory] dress

  1. This is a great idea! I love surprises. A lot of my friends who have started having children have done the same with the sex and name of the baby. I love it. It just seems like surprising everyone with something that special (I’m sure everyone is dying to know what your dress is like) makes the moment that much more memorable. I don’t know if you’re planning on updating your blog, but if you do – pictures!

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