Thank you for being a friend

I’ve taken very few authorial liberties when writing this blog and I want to assure you that the following statement is not a hyperbole: I literally have the best bridesmaids in the entire world.  They are some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, and I can never thank them enough for sticking by my side and agreeing to stand up with me as I take this next gigantic step in my life.  Even though I know I can never repay them, I still want to show my appreciation with some amazing bridesmaid gifts.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Hair or make-up for the wedding: I got an amazing deal from Appease, Inc. on hair and make-up for my entire bridal party, and I know most, if not all, of my bridesmaids will choose to have both their hair and make-up done for the wedding.  Because I am cognizant of how much money it can cost to stand up in a friend’s wedding, I want to ease some of the beauty burden by offering to pay for either the hair or make-up for each maid.

Hand-knit shawl:  I’m not an idiot—I know it’s going to be pretty awful to stand outside in a strapless bridesmaid dress in the middle of January to take 8,043 pictures.  In order to make amends, I’m knitting each bridesmaid an ivory/sparkly shawl to wear with their champagne-colored dresses.  I’m so happy that I can present each maid with something made with time and love—those really are the best gifts!

From the purl bee

Monogrammed white dress shirt:  This probably sounds weird, but how cute is this picture?!


What an adorable, practical gift for girls who frequently have to go through hair and make-up rituals for weddings and other events!

Embellished flip flops:  A weird choice for January, I’m sure, but if I know anything about these ladies, they: a.) like to party and b.) do not do it well in heels after about an hour.  I’m buying cheap silver flip flops at Old Navy and embellishing them with all sorts of sparkly beads, pearls, etc.  The maids can party all night without sacrificing style!

Personalized hangers:  I’m inviting my bridal party to spend the night with me in the hotel suite the night before the wedding, so presumably, they’ll be bringing their bridesmaid dresses with them.  I’ve gotten six wooden hangers, some sparkly gold ribbon to tie a bow at the base of the metal, and some gold paint to put their names up the side.  This is just one of those fun, small little touches that really bring the wedding together.

Monogrammed tote:  Obviously, I need something fabulous to put all of this great stuff in!  This idea is so cute and easy to do, and my mom is sure that she can find good-quality tote bags for a very affordable price.  I have not yet decided on the color of paint, but I’m sure inspiration will come.

Monogrammed tote bag

I hope my maids love these things as much as I do!


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